The Askari Monument

Erected in commemoration of fallen soldiers during World Wars it is situated at the junction of what is now known as Samora Avenue/ Azikiwe and Jamhuri Streets’ junction.

Makumbusho Village Museum

It is part of the national museum dealing with various Tanzania’s traditional values including culture, dances, housing and other values.

The Slipway

It is Dar es Salaam’s premier shopping and leisure centre. Here, you can shop, drink, dine or watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. Parents can set their children loose in our waterfront playground.

There are many unique features in Dar es Salaam due first to its history, coupled with Dar es Salaam being the original capital of this country and latter as the major commercial city of the present Tanzania. In this particular profile all features have been discussed at regional level other than in the district where the feature is physically located. The region has many features that may be of interest to historians and tourists alike. They range from man-made features like buildings and other infrastructures to natural sites some of which have been cited below.

Mwenge Carving Centre

This centre is located at the junction of Sam Nujoma and the New Bagamoyo roads. Ownership is accredited to Makonde carvers themselves. The items available here include human sculptures, made out of a common tropical tree known as mpingo in Swahili and some art.

Kariakoo Market

The largest and most chaotic market in Tanzania. Saturday morning is the best time to visit. Genuine experience with all its pros and cons.

Kivukoni Fishmarket

Kivukoni is the biggest fish market in Tanzania’s main city, Dar es Salaam. Fish are an important part of the diet for those Tanzanians who live near the country’s long coast and many lakes.